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Purchasing a Ball Python

Easiest place to buy is a pet store. Although it might be the easiest, it could easily be the worst place to buy a Ball Python.

Most ball pythons range from $20 to $80, but don't pay over $80 for a normal ball python.

Most Ball Pythons bought from a pet store originate in the wilds of Africa. Wild caught Ball Pythons may refuse to eat, be sick, or have other numerous problems.

Captive Bred (CB) and Captive Hatched (CH) are the two best types of Ball Pythons. Captive Bred are by far the best. CB are conceived and raised in captivity. CH are eggs pulled from the wild and born in captivity. Either of the two are fine. DO NOT buy a wild caught Ball Python.

Find a Herpetological Society in the area. They can give information on the best places to buy Ball Pythons or people that breed Ball Pythons.

Ask to see the Ball Python eat. Ball Python are notorious for not eating. Do not buy a Ball Python that will not eat. Buying a Ball Python that will not eat is just asking for stress.

Look to see the backbone and ribs are not visible. Visible backbones and ribs are usually signs of dehydration, malnutrition, and starvation.

Check for any external parasites on the Ball Python's body. Raised scales usually contain a tick underneath them.

Look for cheesy looking matter in the mouth and make sure the mouth is pink, not red. Any signs of these symptoms.....pick another ball python!

Wrinkles in the skin or eyes is usually from dehydration. This problem is fairly easily to correct.