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General Info
Quick Questions

Ailments of Ball Pythons


Why won't my Ball Python eat?

    First off, Ball Pythons are notorious for not eating. There are numerous factors why a ball python will not eat. There are two records of ball pythons fasting for 22 months. Do not panic.

1) The ball python is in it's winter fast. For some reason some ball pythons will refuse to eat during this period while others will joyfully scarf down a mouse or two

2) Too much handling. For some reason when a ball python is handled to much it wont eat.

3) Doesn't feel secure in it's surroundings. Make sure the temperatures, humidity, and enclosure are all correct. Do not move around too much while the ball python is trying to feed.

4) Temperatures are too high or too low

5) Humidity may be too high or too low.

6) Sometimes a too big or too small of an enclosure will cause refusal to eat.

7) Has parasites

8) Has a respiratory infection. If a respiratory infection is suspected immediately take the ball python to a vet. Until a trip to the vet can be made increase the enclosures temperature to above 90 F.

How can I get my ball python to eat?

    Check the feeding portion of this site for tips to get ball pythons to feed.

My ball python just shed and left over skin is still on him. What do I do?

    That is called a "bad shed". To correct this situation increase the humidity in the enclosure. Give the ball python a bath in luke warm water. Gently rub the skin off. For ways to correct humidity problems go to Shedding. Make sure to get ALL of the skin off!

What's the white chalky stuff in my tank? What's the brown stuff in my tank?

    The white chalky stuff is urine. Snakes' urine is dry. The brown stuff is poop. Get used to seeing this stuff because you will see a lot of it.

My snake hasn't pooped in a long time. What's wrong?

    Your ball python is probably constipated. Give him a luke warm bath for about 30 minutes and see what happens. Usually they will defecate right in the water.

Would it be okay to house two ball pythons together?

    This question gets the most controversy. After working with ball pythons for awhile I think I have the answer to this question. The answer is maybe. A couple factors decide if the real answer is yes or no. First, if you are planning to house two ball pythons together make sure you have a big enclosure. Secondly, slowly introduce the ball pythons together. Keep the two in the tank for a few hours then gradually working up to days then to weeks. Keep an eye on the two until you feel secure in the two being housed together. Watch for any signs of fueding between the ball pythons.

There is some cheesy looking matter in my snakes mouth. What is it?

    That cheesy looking matter is called Stomatitis (mouth rot). A trip to the vet is in order unless you want your snake to die.